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[It's Skin] Mad Pore Scrub Foam 120ml

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Mad Pore Scrub Foam

  • Pore Tightening, Exfoliating, Daily Cleansing
  • Smooth Skin by Exfoliating
  • Daily Deep Cleansing Care
  • SCRUB AWAY ALL IMPURITIES - Salt scrubs (sodium chloride) and plenty amount of foam work together to clean up all clogged pores.
  • EFFECTIVELY WASHES AWAY DEAD SKIN - Contains Black widow bark extract and Papaya extract that are effective for removing dead skin.
  • IRRITATION FREE - Made with plant derivatives (Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Bamboo Extract). A true 'Medi-Pore Formula' that offers skin cleansing with no irritation whatsoever.
  • GREAT FOR EVERYDAY USE - Do you put makeup on everyday? Then you will probably remove it everyday as well. This cleansing foam provides the advantage of safe everyday cleansing by providing a blast of moisture after washing.
  • Refreshing cleansing foam that cleans the pore with rich foam and salt scrub The plant originated 'medi-pore-formula' removes waste inside pore and provides pore tightening effect. Contains black willow bark extract, papaya extract to remove old keratin from skin and make it smooth and clean. This daily cleansing foam gently melts away the makeup and skin waste, and it is mild to the skin thanks to moisture-rich formula.

Suggest Use

  1. Dispense a suitable amount on palm and lather. Gently massage entire face and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera extract, bamboo extract, witch Hazel extract, Apple pectin extract,/Orange&Grapefruit &Lim Red tree extract,willow extract,useong cho extract,omija extract,apple extract,chamomile,darae ,jajak,vitamin extract

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