[Goodal] Camellia Moisture Barrier Cream Barrier Cream 50ml

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Goodal Camellia Moisture Barrier Cream is a moisturizing cream that improves dermal tightening from the inside out! Contains 54% Camellia Japonica Flower Extract to help provide 50 hours of moisture, improve the skin barrier and resilience.

  • Inner moisturizing with the Camellia Ceramide.
  • 50-hour Dermal moisturizing cream.
  • Daily moisturizing gel cream that keeps you moist throughout the day.
  • The semi-melting balm formula similar to super lightweight padding that rewards dermal moisture to the skin without any stick sensation.
  • Improves skin barrier and resilience.
  • Camellia Ceramide contains the powerful moisturizers, White Camellia and Eco Ceramide, to create a mild yet powerful barrier care.

Suggest Use

  1. AT the last step of the skincare routine, spread a proper amount onto your face and massage.
  2. Gently tap in for absorption.

Nature of Jeju, White Camellia: White Camellia is a powerful moisturizer with formidable vitality that blossoms even in cold weather.

Mild Eco Ceramide: Activates natural substances, like Camellia Oil and Coconut Oil, to create Eco Ceramide, delivering superior skin barrier fortifying baenefits.

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