[Anua] Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner

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  • HEARTLEAF IS VERY EFFECTIVE FOR CALMING SKIN TROUBLES: In a clinical trial involving 40 patients with skin trouble, houttuynia cordata proved to have an outstanding effect on trouble care.

  Inflammatory acne - Before 7 -> After 0.83. Skin Trouble Reduced

  • OPTIMIZED COMPOSITION FOR SKIN: We honestly disclose all ingredients by removing what is unnecessary and adding only what is needed.
  • HEARTLEAF 77% TONER HAS NO IRRITATION POTENTIAL TO THE SKIN: The primary skin irritation assessment through 24-hr skin patch tests confirmed there is no irritation. -Korean Dermatology Research Institute
  • ZERO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS! YOU CAN USE WITH A PEACE OF MIND: With the same mindset of preparing food, we use 11 food-grade main ingredients.

Suggest Use

  1. After thoroughly washing and cleaning the face, apply an appropriate amount of the product to the face and simply allow it to be absorbed.



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