Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Blooming KOCO Affiliate Program work?


You will receive a customized Rewards Code/Link with your Blooming KOCO Affiliate Program. Promote your Rewards Code/Link on your social media channels or blog. When your followers make a purchase at using your Rewards Code, you will receive a 10% percentage of the sale in Commission. You can use Commission towards future Blooming KOCO orders.


Who qualifies for the Blooming KOCO Affiliate Program?


Currently you must have a Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Instagram account, or a YouTube channel to apply for the Blooming KOCO Affiliate Program. Once you have submitted an application, we will review your account metrics and social media presence to determine if you qualify for the program application, we will review your account metrics and social media presence to determine if you qualify for the program.


How can I share my Rewards Code?


You can start sharing your Rewards Code by clicking on the  button.


How much commission I can earn?


Once your followers order we’ll give you an amount in Commission equivalent to the amount they saved from using your Rewards Code. When your followers click on your Rewards Link and make a purchase at, you'll receive 10 percentage in Commission.


How are sales attributed to me?


Sales are attributed via the "last click", meaning your Rewards Link or Rewards Code must be the last one used by a customer before they place an order at Your Rewards Code must be in the Rewards Link URL that you share to properly attribute the sale to you, or your Rewards Code must be the last one entered before checkout. A 30-day cookie will be dropped into a customer's browser once a Rewards Link is clicked. Any sales made will be attributed to you if no other cookies are recorded before an order is placed.


What exclusive support will the Blooming KOCO Affiliate Program provide?


You will receive exclusive Influencer newsletters with up-to-date promotions, program news and content ideas. Plus, you will get welcome gifts when you receive an account set up completion email. 


Where can I ask questions about the Blooming KOCO Affiliate Program?


You can email us for Blooming KOCO Influencer-related enquiries to