[Peripera] Ink Airy Velvet
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001 Hotspot Red002 Selfie Orange Brown003 Cartoon Coral004 Pretty Pink (AD)014 Rosy Pink15 Soft Coral16 FAVORITE ORANGE PINK019 Elf Light Rose020 Beautiful Coral Pink007 Heart Grapefruit (AD)008 Pretty Orange Pink (AD)+ 8 more
[Peripera] Ink Mood Matte Stick
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01 My Own Nude02 Pink Go Up03 Rose Fiction04 Don't Miss Coral05 Red Carry06 Mauve-Holic07 Top-Tier Hazel08 City Pop Chili09 Pink To Dance10 Pink Avenue11 Pink Of Course+ 8 more
[Peripera] All Take Mood Palette
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03 Burnt Breeze05 Whisper of Milky Spring04 Muteful Rose08 Better Carrot-ing06 Cherry Cool Rush07 Nude Flexxxxx09 Moonlike Lavender Pink01 Mood Brerathing+ 5 more
[Peripera] Ink The Airy Velvet Stick
$9.00 $16.00 Sale
001. Coral Marshmallow002. Pink Milk Tea007. Cinnamon Chai Tea008. Warmy Red010. Berry Powder011. Better Coral006. Daily Rose012. Naturally Healthy005. Burnt Tangerine003. Orange Cookie009. Emotional Red015. Cloudy Rose004. Bestie Pink+ 10 more
[Peripera] Ink Thin Thin Pencil Liner
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02 Cacao Brown03 Milk Tea Brown05 UNDER BEIGE06 UNDER ROSY+ 1 more
[Peripera] Ink The Velvet
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01. Good Brick02. CELEB DEEP ROSE03. RED ONLY04. VITALITY CORAL05.CORALFICIAL06. PURDY RED07. Girlish Red08. SELLOUT RED09. Sparkling Pink10. Better Orange16 .Heart Fuchsia Pink29. Cocoa Nude30. Classic Nude+ 10 more
[Peripera] *NEW* Ink Mood Matte Tint (8 Colors)
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01 Peach Puree02 Ballet Pink03 Oatmeal Rose04 Soft Cedarwood05 Ginger Red06 Pink Dive07 Juicy Red08 Smoky Coral+ 5 more
[Peripera] Ink Mood Glowy Tint (3 colors)
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01 Best Beige Menu02 Cora Influencer03 Rose In Mind04 Pink Youth+ 1 more