***[VT COSMETICS] Super Hyalon Renew Serum 28 ea

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Expiration Date: 02-07-2023

The vitalizing serum for 28 days of intensive care which its moist hydration is absorbed in the skin softly, delivers transparent light, and increases moisture radiance. 

Quantity: 1.5ml * 28ea (Sanitary package use 1 pack daily, intensive care for 28 days)



- Moist supply clear moisture beam coating.
- Sanitary package use 1 pack daily, intensive care for 28 days.

Suggested Use

1. Take some of it at the next step of applying skin in the morning and at night, spread it on the entire face softly.
2. Make the ampoule absorbed in the skin by gently dabbing face.


✔Main Ingredient: G:H8™

Purified water, dipropylene glycol, butylene glycol, glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Hyaluronate Cross Polymer, Potassium Hyaluronate, Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate, Glycine, Serine, glutamic acid, mallow extract, polyglutamic acid, aspartic acid, leucine, alanine, lysine, arginine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, proline, isoleucine, histidine, methionine, cysteine, urea , Panthenol, glyceryl glucoside, lotus extract, port marigold flower extract, True Rose of Jericho extract, propane diol, sodium polyacryloyl dimethyl taurate, biosaccharide gum-1, glyceryl-25PCI source Thearate, xanthan gum, diphenyldimethicone, hydroxyethylcellulose, triethylhexanoin, hydrogenated lecithin, polyglyceryl-10 oleate, pentylene glycol, disodium LED, ethylhexylglycerin , Spices

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Amazing, results last 24+ hours

impressive stuff! This serum makes your skin look smooth and hydrated solidly into the next day. The instructions say to use the entire foil packet, but I found that each there was enough for 2 uses.