[SON & PARK] Beauty Water

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SON & PARK Beauty Water actúa como tónico, limpiador e hidratante para eliminar las impurezas, a la vez que hidrata para mantener la piel más hidratada y flexible para un mejor estado del maquillaje. Es un producto que elimina la queratina no endurecida o los residuos de limpieza no eliminados al utilizar un tóner convencional, y tonifica e hidrata para facilitar el siguiente paso.

Customer Reviews

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Syazana Yazid

This is my go to toner, but also works as refresher along the day, and also to clean my face in the morning when I go on hikes and am too lazy to wash my face. This is my first time buying from bloomingkoco and they ship literally the day after. Would recommend

Park and Son!!

I love this product, I have dry skin and this works in calming my skin and giving it a boost before I apply my other skin care products...I buy this over and over.. it works!!!!

Paola Vega
Good, slightly harsh on combination sensitive skin

I love the glow this gives me! I use it mainly as a pre-cleansing step to remove foundation or if I feel like I need to cleanse my face in between washes.

Sometimes makes my skin sensitive and it stings, but only if I rub it in too long or too harshly with a cotton pad.

Do really like it as a cleansing water too, doesn’t leave a residue and it absorbs well into the skin

Amy Lau
Contains alcohol in the formula

This product is extremely popular and I'm not sure why. I tried this for a few days and it completely dried out my skin. My skin become rough and patchy and I'm pretty sure it's because of the alcohol. Good thing I only bought the mini version to try.