[rom&nd] Mejor que la paleta

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¡Paso a paso, la superposición de tonos más profundos sin mezclar en 5 niveles de brillo sistemático! Maquillaje de ojos colorido que se completa cada día sin aburrirse.

  • 00 Jardín de Luz y Purpurina: Desde los brillos transparentes de todos los días hasta brillos únicos que nunca has visto, 10 brillos brillantes
  • 01 Pampas Garden: Una delicada mezcla de colores coral, beige, rosa y marrón
  • 02 Mahogany Garden: Una mezcla atemporal y sofisticada de colores marrón, dorado, beige y nude
  • 03 Jardín de Capullos de Rosa: Una delicada y dulce mezcla de colores rosa, nude, rosa y malva
  • 04 Jardín de Niebla Polvorienta: Una caprichosa mezcla de colores ceniza, gris, topo y ahumado
  • 05 Shade & Shade Garden: Crea un look de ojos sutil apilando tonos de menor a mayor con una gradación sistemática de brillo en cinco pasos
  • 06 Peony Nude Garden:

Tamaño: 7,5g

Suggested Use

Apply it with your fingertips as per the shadow order.
Complete shadowing outer corner of eyes or lash line with sharped and detailed brush.
Tap the applied area with your fingertips and press it with the glitters in order to make it completely fixed.

Customer Reviews

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I went with the light and glitter palette since I don’t have any super glittery palettes. I liked that there is a mix of fine glitter with big chunky glitter options in each color. They are thicker than I was expecting, to the point I’m not sure how I would get product on a brush- I’ve been using my finger with slight pressure to get product transfer. The glitter also transfers some while on, so I’ve had to make sure that I avoid parts of my eyelid that touch near my browbone when my eyes are open so it doesn’t spread all around. It was also such a pain to get off, even with an oil cleanser/makeup remover and target eye makeup remover… it’s been 3 days since I last wore it and I’m still finding glitter on my face. Could also be I didn’t really wash my face that first night and it got on my pillow. I will probably buy more of these palettes once they get into a price I like again.