###[Heimish] Marine Care Eye Cream

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Total eye care cream for elasticity, wrinkle, hydration and brightening.

Power of pure marine, healing energy deliver effectiveness of seagrass in pristine areas fully. The potency of the seagrass from the low-temperature fermenting of an ultrasonic waves. With the addition of the liposuction technique, heimish have completed the technology to increase skin absorption.

 Size: 1.01 fl.oz / 30ml

Customer Reviews

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Yvette Rodriguez Clanton
Holy Grail

Love love love. Creamy, cooling and I can feel and see a difference. I will buy nothing else again. This stuff is amazing

Eon Kim
Lift up

My eye brows lift up with just 1 Heimish eye cream. I didn’t expect and I thought eye cream is just good for wrinkle.
I’m in forty, eye brows are getting heavy and It makes me look old. So I order it again and again.

Ashley Standrew
So moisturizing but matte

This eye cream is amazing. It’s so nurturing and moisturizing but it dries matte so I can even wear under makeup

So rich! A little goes a long way

My skin tends to dry out once the temperature drops, and with retinoids being part of my skincare regimen, the skin around my eyes gets even drier and more irritated. But not when I use this eye cream. I love the additional round, metal massager at the other end of the applicator because I can massage the cream into my orbitals.

I can’t speak very much about the Marine Care Eye Cream’s anti-aging properties, but it’s been helpful with de-puffing and lightening my under-eye circles. After a long workday, I massage the cream onto my eyelids and orbital bone, and I wake up looking a little more well-rested.

The only thing I would keep in mind is that as the previous reviewer mentioned, this eye cream is fragranced. It’s not intrusive—which I love—but if you’re sensitive to fragrances, this may not be it.

Love the scent!

I have only used this cream for a few weeks now. I definitely see some reduced puffiness. I have notoriously bad dark circles and I haven't seen a vast difference in that. But I haven't been consistently using the cream. So will need to use it longer to see a difference. The cream is thicker than most eye creams I've used so I only apply a little bit. The mini massager is like La Mer so definitely a win. I would say to try it because it's a great deal and nothing to lose!