[COSRX] Rondas de algodón puro 100% 80ea

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SKU: cosMA68-CR

COSRX Pure Fit Cica Cleanser es un limpiador suave con una espuma rica y suave.


- 2-way cotton pad with two different side
- You can use different cotton pads on the front and the back.
- Cleansing with the wavy side and skin care with the absorbent side.
- 100% cotton which can wipe your skin without any irritation
- Doesn't contain any fluorescent substances, Formaldehyde-releasing agents, and heavy metal. Made from the most skin-friendly fabric.
*This product is made of 100% cotton and may contain brown spots due to the material's natural properties.
- Wave pattern which is made naturally in water jet process helps distribute the toner evenly on to your skin.
- High water pressure from the water jet method binds the fiber inside the fabric so that the cotton pad is stronger and softer.

Suggested Use

[Removing Makeup]
1. Use when removing makeup.
2. Soak the wavy side with lip & eye makeup remover or cleansing water.
3. Remove makeup mildly and softly.
[Toner / Essence]
1. Use morning and night, when using toners and other liquid products.
2. Soak the absorbent side with toner and wipe your skin.



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