[Acropass] Trouble Cure Patch (6 patches)


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The Acropass Trouble Cure acne patches have special "needles" called microcons on the patch that contains ingredients that are targeted to get rid of your acne😱 It comes with a cleanser that you can clean your acne spot with and the acne patches. It helps by filling in moisture on your skin while recoming dead skin cells and reducing inflammation👍

Skin cleanser 6ea + trouble cure 6 patches

Step 1: Acropass Skin Cleanser - 6skin cleansers
Step 2: Acropass Trouble Cure - 6patches

  • One-stop total care for trouble with no touch : The root cause of the skin trouble is the germs inside the skin. Improvement is maximized when germs are treated properly! Straight line from the early stage! 
  • High concentration of premium hyaluronic acid : Fills moisture, Intense moisturizing care
  • 5 Free safe formula

Dissolving micro-needles gently penetrate the outer layer of your skin to deliver ingredients that treat skin concerns at their core
Trouble Cure clears up acne quickly, reduces inflammation, and helps fade acne scars over time.
Daycare patch is thin, adhesive and waterproof to protect and moisturize your skin

Causes of troubles?

- Inflammation occurs due to spread of acne germs
- Excessive production of sebum from pores blocked by dead skin cells and fine dust
- Lack of moisture on the skin
- Thickened keratin

Dual Derma Focused Emptying System?

Passed the test for stimulation on the skin =  5 Absence safe formula
- Penetrates the troubled part
- Total care on the cause; removes germs 
- Regenerates the skin

Suggested Use
  1. Straighten the skin texture after washing face. Sterilize the troubled part with skin cleanser
  2. Wipe troubled part with skin cleanser
  3. Pull out the patch (Do not touch the center)
  4. Hold the edge and remove the film
  5. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the patch, press the attachment area with your fingers

Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Oligopeptide-76, Sodium Hydroxide


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