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Gone through 6 of these bottles

I frequently try other toners too but I have really sensitive and acne prone akin which sometimes is combination (oily and normal) unless I’m using a lot of retinol (then dry and flakey). But I always come back to this. The company seems to also be pretty eco friendly and affordable which is important to me.

Awesome Product!

This BB cream gives coverage comparable to a medium foundation. I absolutely love the product and the price, too!

[Paparecipe] Bombee Honey Mask Pack 10 ea

Very good texture

Mask doesn’t rub off the color and leaves it clean. Nice color, very muted and gentle

First Treatment Essence

My absolute favorite thing about this treatment essence is that it helps me to retain moisture like nothing else I’ve ever used. I use it after cleansing and toning as part of a multi step skin care routine twice daily. My skin feels more supple and lines on my forehead appear reduced. Also, I apply the excess to my hands which has been a game changer! I’ve noticed that even if I don’t moisturize after hand washing, they no longer feel dry or tight!

Delicious Hand Cream

I’ve been using this hand cream for many years, and it is my absolute favorite!

Perfect concealer!!

I absolutely love this concealer, and I’ve been using it for years. Couldn’t find it anywhere except Blooming KOCO — not only was it cheaper, but it shipped even faster! Definitely a worthwhile buy :)



:: Free Gift [Haruharu Wonder] Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner
linda leskovec

:: Free Gift [Haruharu Wonder] Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner

Acne healing

I cannot tell if it really helps heal my acne because i put it to my acne to lock up the moisture or something but i think it does. I use it to include in layering my skincare. This one is one of the skincare that i am using everyday and it helps heal my acne. So far no more acne coming out.

Great Product

Awesome skin care product, very gentle on the skin. One side of pad functions as exfoliator
Fully saturated with the skin care product

Great Essence

Very light weight, it has a floral scent which i don’t mind
Does its job, a little goes a long way would repurchase

Really like it

I usually get dark spots from pimples and I've bought this twice and it helps get rid of it faster or don't get any spots, and I was almost running out of my last bottle so I was saving it I was like it won't be a big deal, but OMG I noticed right away the difference
100% RECOMMENDED I use three or four drops and it lasts me for around 2 months

Gentle dead skin removal

Does a great job of getting dead skin off without making my skin feel stripped. I have already been through one tube and purchased two more. I have my partner using it after he shaves to help with dead skin build up.

LOVE! Perfect for Dry acne prone skin...

This is such a nice oil. It's perfect for dry, acne prone skin and helps soothe inflammation during breakouts for me personally. I have ordered and re ordered this now 3xs and don't go long without it in my stash. Currently I'm working through others before opening my new bottle, but nothing quite comes close to this one for me skin.


PKY knocks it out of the park AGAIN! I'm convinced this brand can do no wrong. This is like a balm, or thick serum it's the absolute nicest texture I've ever experienced in a lotion. It leaves me so moisturized with no greasy feeling what so ever. Every time I try a new product by this brand I just want to order EVERYTHING they have. They never disappoint!

Works great!

Really like this sunscreen. It has a liquid consistency so it’s very easy to spread and it doesn’t leave a white cast. Layers fine with my skincare and makeup!

New fav foundation

Loved this foundation a lot! It has good coverage but leaves the skin looking like skin. Leaves a skin like finish so my face doesn’t look flat nor super shiny. Great product!

Solved skin issues

Using this sheet mask daily has solved several long run issues for my skin. I no longer need to use a moisturerizer, and it has reduced breakouts and inflamation. I'm sold! Wont be using anything else now, this is the BEST!

***[rom&nd] See-Through Matte Tint
Good deal

Got it on sale, so was a best buy!
Moisturizing and yet not shiny. Not transfer proof but did last longer than I expected.

Indeed multi functional

Fits perfectly on facial contours. I also used it as under eye pads soaked with my favorite toner.

The most hydration of any otc product

Ok people… I spend MONEY on skincare. Thousands a year… it’s bad. This ish right here?! Hands down the best hydrator I’ve ever tried.

:: Free Gift [Haruharu Wonder] Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner

:: Free Gift [Haruharu Wonder] Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner

Holy Grail

This is the ONLY water cleanser I use. I can't find another water cleanser that works like this: low pH, sudsy, and NON DRYING/stripping. I love the tea tree scent, which I find refreshing. post cleanse, my skin feels soft and clean, but not tight in anyway.