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Such a great product! So gentle on my sensitive skin. It really helped brighten my complexion and also got rid of all my forehead bumps. Will repurchase again. The only downside is, I still felt like i needed another moisturizer on top- wasn't moisturizing enough for my dry skin. But product still gets 5 stars for its visible and impressive results!


Such a great product! Love it more than the COSRX one. Its packed with snail mucin plus other benefits like berry anxiotidants and centella! Very impressed with this product. It lasts a long time too. Definitely will repurchase.

Great protection from the sun

Great non greasy sunblock. I didn’t break out and it protected my face from the sun.


It really calmed my irritated skin.

Melts makeup away

Great product. It really helped to remove my makeup prior to using my facial cleanser.


I absolutely love how my skin feels and looks after applying it. It has a nice satin, skin-like finish and the skin tone is a lot more even, albeit SLIGHTLY paler so keep that in mind. It has a slight fragrance but I can get past it, I love how my skin feels when wearing it! Make sure you have enough moisture and hydration underneath otherwise it could make your skin feel a little dry. But as long as I have enough moisture underneath, my skin maintains a nice feel all day long!! Love!

Smooth, skin-like finish!

I saw this sunscreen being reviewed by a lot of influencers and decided to try it! I like the feel of it, it glides over anything I put on and doesn't pill. It does have a fragrance so do be mindful of that, I don't love it but I love the way the sunscreen feels so I can get past the smell! The sunscreen dries down to a comfortable, natural skin-like texture. I only powder down if I have a lot of skincare underneath.


Love this product. Makes cleansing easy and always makes me feel refreshed.

benton tea tree serum

heals acne and scars !

My Holy Grail

Love this eye cream and have seen results within weeks of using it....improvement of fine lines firmness and less puffiness....overall a great n affordable eye cream

Mango hand butter

Smells nice and the packaging is so cute

I love the mango hand butter!

I love the mango hand butter! I love the smell. My skin feels so soft after I use the hand butter!

I have desert like super dry & tanned skin. And this one didn’t make me feel dry or whitewashed me. Felt like a moisturizer.

Where you can’t go wrong

This eye cream is great I definitely see a difference!

Silky smooth hair

This is the second time I’ve purchased this item and really love it! It does wonders for my hair and is great for my curls. The scent is awesome and it’s not heavy at all, it creates your hair to silky smooth which is awesome. I love it !

The favorite hand cream

I love this cream!!! I love how it smells and feeling when I use it!

Retinol sub?

Tried this in lieu of retinol- been using consistently a months and have had no bad reactions. I do think it improves skin texture but unsure on its effect on fine lines- I’m still waiting to see, but I do really like it- glides over skin and absorbs quickly. Only 3 drops needed to cover my face and 1 more for the neck. I do feel like my skin is “glowier” than before. I use it at night after a gentle lactic acid and layer moisture on top

Water based and effective!

I’ve been looking for a water based lash serum and found this! It does a wonderful job conditioning my lashes! No eye burning or sensitivies that I can tell. Will absolutely repurchase

[Milk Touch] Hedera Helix Relaxing Cream
Ultra hydration

I recently purchased this cream from a review site. It’s a fantastic hydrating cream & I’m in love w how this cream makes my skin feel! It leaves skin glowy & radiant! If you’re suffering from dry sensitive skin, give this cream a try, it’s delightful!

Just okay

The color was a little pinker than I expected, and it lasts no longer than any other lip gloss. Smells nice, though. Wouldn’t but again.

Great all around sunscreen!

Very comfortable to wear in all types of weather. Great protection!

Great sunscreen!

Great sunscreen! Water resistant, good protection, doesn’t sting your eyes and does NOT feel uncomfortable in tropical climates!

beautiful and buildable, in LOVE

I love the formula as it's so light and almost powdery but also doesn't make your lips look dry. I also use this as a blush! I got the shade damask red which I think looks nice on people with a more pale complexion or red and pink undertones (definitely an interesting shade that might not be fore everyone, but is accurate to the pictures depicted). Also, after it sets it doesn't transfer which is nice after needing to wear a mask all day!

Authentic and So good!

I have sensitive skin and this was really nice sunscreen that didn't irritate my skin (I've been using it for a little over a week or 2 now). As I was watching reviews, I saw that people complained about the smell, but I didn't mind it at all because it was very subtle for me at least. In addition this seems to be legit product as promised and I enjoy it a lot and am definitely considering rebuying because it's such good value! as always, make sure to double cleanse after using hehe! :)

my holy grail sunscreen!

love how this feels on my oily skin, and its slight fragrance