[KIMJEONGMOON-ALOE] Cure Essential Cream 50ml
During change of season from winter to spring, the skin requires moisture retention to help maintaining the level of skin?™s moisture. Therefore, the moisture layer plays an important role as it helps maintain the original NMF of the skin. It...
$35.00 $22.50
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[KIMJEONGMOON-ALOE] Cure Glow Ampoule Mist 100ml
Cure Glow Ampoule Mist is a mist that helps your skin regulate oil and moisture balance and is sprayed every time your skin is shiny and dry. Evenly sprayed particles give areas of skin an excellent cooling and soothing. Aloe hydra...
$30.00 $7.00
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[KIMJEONGMOON-ALOE] Cure Hydra Soothing Emulsion 130ml
Cure Hydra Soothing Emulsion Natural-originated materials 72.9% Pure Aloe Vera Juice to help maintain moisture. Double functional cosmetic for whitening and anti-wrinkling. Skin irritation tested. Long-lasting skin moisturizing layer: It maintains moist skin for a long time by supplying moisture to skin with...
$45.00 $26.00
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