[Claires] Guerrison 9 Complex Horse Oil Cream 70g
A Method to Refine Solid Horse Oil and High Purity Liquid Horse Oil. Elegant feeling of touch, perfect skin absorption and Enhancement of protective power by high purity premium fatty acid selectively separated from natural saturated fatty acid contained in...
New Arrival
[Claires] Guerisson Red Ginseng Cream 60g
Guerisson Red Ginseng Line helps to make skin young and healthy without being damaged in the lapse of time as the tenacious vitality from red ginseng root turns back the time of skin and horse oil moisturizes skin.  Completion of...
$36.00 $22.00
[claires] Guerisson 9 Complex Essence 130ml
Guerisson Original Line is the representative prduct line helps to make skin healthy by caring and intensively moisturizing dry and dull skin with the effects of horse oil inherited from long time ago. Improves Skin Condition : Improves skin condition...
$49.00 $15.99
Blooming's Pick
[Claires] Guerisson 9 Complex Moisture Balancing Cream 70g
Moisturizing line presenting rich moisturizing feeling which seems never to be dry by fully moisturizing skin which easily becomes dry and controlling the skin balance with intensive moisturizing ingredients. Intensive moisturizing by unique Advanced Horse Oil of Guerisson: Unique German...
$36.00 $19.00
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