New in Blooming KOCO: Mary&May Sheet Masks

New in Blooming KOCO: Mary&May Sheet Masks

Niacinamide Vitamic C

 Let's be honest. Wearing a sheet mask is the easiest self-care way compared to the glorious 10-step, 7-step Korean skincare routines. However, when especially you are totally consumed after Monday conference call, or the day after girls' night out, you don't ever want to move a single finger. I know that because I feel you. 

When I was in Seoul, there was no need to worry about skin emergency - breakout, serious blemish, etc. - since there are numerous in-box sheet masks. But don't you worry dear! You don't have to go to Seoul to get these S.O.S items because Mary&May sheet masks are here. All you have to do is pick a sheet and apply it on your face. 

Easiest way to calm your irritated, reddened face. 
Now you just saved 20 minutes for power nap. Good night! 🌙


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