Learn to verify expiry dates on your Korean cosmetics💄

Learn to verify expiry dates on your Korean cosmetics💄

Indulging in skincare and cosmetic shopping is a joy, sometimes leading to stocking up on extra products. Today, we bring you invaluable insights to help you effortlessly discern both the expiration and manufacturing dates of your beloved beauty essentials💁‍♀️

Find the Expiration Date:This vital piece of information can be found on the packaging's exterior, the product's reverse side, or nestled at its base.

Everything is in Korean? 😮‍💨

Do not worry! We will help you to identify some Korean Characters. 

1. 까지 "Expiry Date"This denotes the ultimate date until which you can unveil and revel in the product's benefits. Sometimes, it is also expresed as 사용기한 "expiration date" 

2. 제조 "Manufacturing date" it is the date when the product was made and packaged.

3. PAO symbol, PAO means "Period After Opening" This is the time recommended using the product after opening it. For this indicator, we should also consider the expiration date. For example, if a product expires in 6 months and has a PAO of 9 months, the ideal would be to stop using it after 6 months. That's why it's important to constantly check the expiration date to ensure enough usage time after opening the product.

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Extra tips for storing and using your cosmetics correctly:

1. Organize your masks and products according to their expiry dates.

2. Store your products in a dark place with the ideal temperature.

3. Cultivate a keen awareness of the products' consistency, hue, and fragrance.

Share your tips for storing and using your cosmetics correctly! 

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